TES for Smartphones gives the user the ability to use a mobile device to access the application. The easy to use interface allows all the functionality needed to access and submit Time and Expense sheets.

From the Home screen, the user can select whether to fill out a Timesheet or an Expense Sheet. Once the information is filled out, the user can choose to transfer the information. This can be done through the phone network to the server, or through connecting from a PC which can then connect to the server.

From the Timesheets screen, the user can view the list of timesheets that is on the device. The system can be configured for timesheets to be setup in either weekly periods, semi-monthly or every two weeks. The timesheets have different statuses during its lifetime. The user can edit timesheets with the 'Open' status. The timesheets with the status of 'Closed' cannot be modified but they can be viewed.